10 Reasons to be Thankful for Pets

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There’s no question about it. We love our pets. They are a major factor in our lives, and our lives would feel very empty without them. Why is that, exactly? Ask any pet owner and they will come up with their own reasons as individual as the cats, dogs, fish, birds, lizards, and snakes they take care of on a daily basis. For most of us, it is a personal decision and most pet parents will agree on several points about why they are so thankful for their pet or pets. Here are 10 reasons why you should be thankful for your pets.

1. Animals Enjoy Affection: The Importance of Bonding with Pets 

For dog and cat owners—and even reptile and bird parents—nothing beats a good cuddle. Cuddling and petting provides opportunities to show your animal friends how much you love them. Spending time with your pets and being close to them helps build a trust neither of you will ever forget.

2. Walk It Off

Dogs (and sometimes cats) like to go for walks. They enjoy stretching their legs, seeing what exists outside of their home, sniffing all the things to be found along the way, etc. Taking pets for a stroll also gives pet owners a reason to get out of the house and relax from whatever happened that day. Some pet parents and their animal companions even lose weight in the process.

3. The Official Home Greeter

Dogs love to meet their owners at the door when they come home from work. And many cat owners will attest to the number of times their feline is also waiting to greet and welcome them. Birds chirp their greetings and lonesome reptiles come out of their napping spots to say hi.

4. Doing the Right Thing

Animals love human companionship, and they need a home. They need a family to love them and take care of them. When you adopt a pet and treat them right, you’re giving them a wonderful life.

5. Music to Our Ears

One of the most rewarding moments of being a pet owner is finding out how much your pet loves you. Contented cats happy to be with us purr loud when cuddling or rubbing against their human companions. Birds strike up their vocal chords to tell you how they are feeling, too. 

6. Many Animals Love Playtime 

Dogs and cats love to play. So do many other animals. It gives them a chance to expel energy and bond with their human companions. Playtime in a park, playing fetch with Fido, or dangling a ribbon for Fluffy will give them the activity they’re looking for.

7. Relieve Stress

Having a pet can help reduce anxiety, calm accident victims, and provide support to those with muscle disorders, paralysis, and other health issues. Cat purrs are relaxing. Emotional service animals have made an impact in our  modern culture and provide a source of comfort and security for those who need it. We do a lot to show our animal friends how much we love them, and they are happy to return the favor.

8. Put On a Happy Face!

Even if you are down and out, nothing beats some love from our animal friends. Even the saddest, most miserable times get better with a few licks, pets, and nudges.

9. Everyone Loves a Comedian!

Face it! Millions of YouTube videos can’t be wrong. Pets are funny. They do amusing things. We love them for it. And they love the attention they get from their human companions. 

10. We Sing Their Praise!

Dogs and cats have inspired a wealth of songs about them and it ranges from simple nursery rhymes to hip-twisting rock like Elvis Presley’s “You Ain’t Nothing But A Hound Dog.” Television’s Big Bang Theory has made a tribute to “Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty” and then there’s the old children’s classic “B-I-N-G-O” , just in case you forgot the dog’s name. Famed musician Scatman Crothers even penned and sang “Everybody Wants To Be A Cat” for Disney’s 1970 classic, “The Aristocats.”

Without a doubt, our pets give us so much to be thankful for every day of our lives. We need them, miss them when we are away, and love them like no other creature on earth. We give thanks for all they give to us.