Cutting Back On Pet Care Costs

It feels like no matter what the product or service is, the costs are going up considerably. The fact is that people are not happy about such sudden increases in costs for the same goods and services that they’ve been using for years. Imagine buying a burger for $5 and two years later you order the same burger and it’s $10 and it’s also now smaller and you have to pay extra for cheese and pickles. That’s where things have gone and it’s understandable why consumers are not excited about this. 

One area where the increase in costs has hit hard is with pet care and products. This industry has been given a major boost because of the pandemic in terms of more people adopted pets over the last two years than in the years before. However, while they are giving these wonderful animals a loving home, it has created a shortage of products and services that are available. As people look to provide the same love and care for their animals as they have for years, the expenses do need to be considered, especially if you are adding more pets in the future. 
Increases In Pet Care Costs 
The inflation challenges are hitting the pet care industry as supply and demand are driving prices up at a record pace. These increased costs are an inconvenience but there are things you can do to provide affordable care for your pets. The key thing to remember is that just like how you can cut back and save with your life, you can do the same with your pet’s care. 
Areas With Higher Prices 
Before you can develop a plan on where to cut back on your costs, you first need to look at what areas have increased in prices. This information will give you a better idea of what your spending money on, why these costs are higher and even how you can cut back. Remember, cutting back on costs doesn’t mean you have to cut back on care. Here are some of the areas where prices have gone up: 
  • Medications: The selection of medications and manufacturers and companies that make and sell them has kept prices reasonable. Usually, the biggest increases are in products that have rare ingredients or little competition. 
  • Food: In order to provide the same quality in pet food, companies have had to pay higher prices for the ingredients that go into them. This of course has led to an increase in the cost to the consumer. However, the same benefit of more competition keeps prices within reach for consumers. In fact, there are more brands that you can buy online than ever before. Consider these options if you are looking to save on food or even find a wider selection. 
  • Bones & toys: These products are actually still in great supply, however local stores may have increased their prices because of the increased cost of labor. Therefore, these products may be more affordable if you buy them online. Also, look into other brands as they may be more affordable and just not as well known. 
  • Basic care: Throughout the month, there may be some added expenses to provide care for your dog whether it’s grooming, someone walking them or something else. While these things are valuable to you in some way, they do add to the monthly costs. 
Knowing where your money is going each month and why is an important step to understanding how to lower the costs and get better quality for your money. If you can come up with ways to lower the monthly costs even by 10-20%, that could save you hundreds of dollars a year. This is why taking the time to research your expenses and how they’ve gone up are so important. 
What You Can Do 
One of the undiscussed reasons for inflation and increased prices has to do with convenience for the consumer. Delivery is more expensive because now there are three times as many restaurants delivering food so the costs for their services have gone up, as well as the fuel in their vehicles. So, a way to cut back on the cost is to cook from home or go to the restaurant and get the food yourself. Understanding the reason for the cost increase will help you find reasonable solutions: 
  • Buy online: The fastest and easiest way to save is to start buying online. This is where you can find better deals on the brands you prefer because you are selecting among dozens of sellers, and therefore they have to keep their prices low. This gives you a great opportunity to save on your favorite brands. Remember to search based on the brands themselves, being as specific about the product as possible so that you can see what everyone is offering them at. 
  • Buy in bulk: Another thing you can do, online as well, is to buy in bulk. Buying individually usually means an increase in price for you as well as the store. Buying in bulk allows you to cut the costs significantly, in some cases up to 40%. Consider this option for medications, treats and food
  • DIY: If you are utilizing additional services that help you to save time like paying people to groom or walk your dog, consider cutting back on this, maybe not completely, but not as often. DIY options allow you to handle the work yourself but also save a lot of money. 
  • Rewards programs: In order to ensure customer loyalty, many stores now offer rewards programs. Consider signing up because it could save you a lot, especially if you are spending more each month and can buy from the same store or two. 
Costs are going up all around but this is when people can be creative and figure out ways to trim costs without trimming quality. If you are not sure where to begin, take a look at your monthly expenses, especially for your pet. Consider ways to cut back on areas of spending that, while important, aren’t necessary. If you can cut back by changing your shopping habits, that’s another advantage as well.